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Invitation to contribute chapters for new book projects published by Springer-Nature

Dear Distinguished Professor,

Firstly, I would like to introduce about myself. My name is Phuc Van Pham, series editor of “Stem cells in clinical application” that is published by Springer (

We have learned of your published research on stem cell therapy and would like to invite you to participate in our publishing program. We also ask that you extend this invitation letter to any of your trusted and recommended colleagues active in this field of research.

Now this series will continue with more books, included:

  1. Stem cell drug: a new pharmaceutical generation

  2. Stem cell treatment for sports injuries

  3. Stem cells in cosmetics, anesthetics, and plastic surgery

  4. Stem cells for cancer and genetic disease treatment

  5. Stem cells for autoimmune diseases

  6. Stem cells in reproductive medicine

  7. Stem Cell Bank

Now, I am discussing with Springer to open the Online First option for this series. With this tool, all accepted chapters will be published as soon as possible after they are accepted before they will be located in the books.

The deadline for the abstract is May 30th 2017 and for the completed chapter July 30th 2017.

If you want more time to prepare the completed chapter, please contact me.

Please send the abstract and the chapter to

Thank you very much. And I am looking forward to receiving your abstracts.

Sincerely yours,

Phuc Pham

Series Editor, Stem Cells in Clinical Application, Springer

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