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Mark Twain


Breast Cancer Stem Cells & Therapy Resistance

Phuc Van Pham

August 01, 2015

This volume thoroughly examines breast cancer stem cells (BCSCs), from basic definitions to techniques for identifying, isolating, culturing, and targeting BCSCs for therapy; there is additional focus on pre-clinical and clinical results. The text begins with a discussion of breast cancer, focusing especially on the limitations of current therapies in its treatment. The subsequent chapters introduce and compare stem cells and cancer stem cells, describe properties and isolation techniques of BCSCs, and examine BCSC-targeting approaches. The text concludes with a discussion of controversy surrounding the BCSC hypothesis and of future research directions. Breast Cancer Stem Cells & Therapy Resistance, part of the SpringerBriefs in Stem Cells series, provides a succinct yet comprehensive overview of BCSCs for advanced students, graduate students and researchers as well as those working with breast cancer or stem cells in a clinical setting.

Breast cancer treatment by targeting breast cancer stem cells: Gene therapy and Immunotherapy Strategies

Phuc Van Pham (Author)

November 01, 2014

This research focuses on gene therapy as well as immunotherapy to target the breast cancer stem cells in breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer stem cells were isolated and proliferated from malignant breast tumors. About gene therapy, we used knockdown gene therapy to suppress the CD44 expression. CD44 holds an important role in stemness maintenance of breast cancer stem cells. CD44 down regulation makes breast cancer stem cells sensitize to anti-tumor drug (doxorubicin). So that combinatorial therapy of CD44 down-regulation and doxorubicin strongly suppressed the tumor growth in NOD/SCID mice. In another way, we used dendritic cell therapy to target breast cancer stem cells. Dendritic cells were loaded with breast cancer stem cells derived antigens. The results also showed that dendritic cell vaccination inhibits the cancer development in mice models.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (In Vietnamese)

Phuc Van Pham, Truong Hai Nhung, Tran Thi Thanh Khuong, Dang Hoang Lam

November 29, 2015

The book introduces about some basic techniques related to assisted reproductive technology (ART) included oocyte retrieval, sperm preparation, IVF, ICSI... and some applications of ART in medicine and agriculture.

Stem Cell Technology (In Vietnamese)

Phan Kim Ngoc, Phuc Van Pham, Truong Dinh

September 29, 2009

This book introduces about stem cell science and technology. With 20 chapters, the book introduces stem cell definitions, classification, some kinds of stem cells (embryonic stem cells, iPSC, adult stem cells and cancer stem cells). Some technology also introduces in the books included stem cell therapy, stem cell based tissue engineering...



Animal and Human Biotechnology (In Vietnamese)

Phan Kim Ngoc, Phuc Van Pham

August 25, 2007

The Animal and Human Biotechnology book describes some advances in molecular and cellular biotechnology applied in the animal and human.

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